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  • Listening to: i think i need some hymns or classical.
  • Reading: *goes to comic shop*
  • Watching: *peeks through movies* uhhhm...
  • Playing: *looks Through games* Need new games
  • Eating: *gets keys* getting ramen
  • Drinking: *sets down 8pack of diet dew* wow i'm getting fat.
Truthfully, you don't see many artist say what got them into doing what they do. yeah sure half the time it's
"because i'm bored" or "i dunno." but you never hear them sit down and explain why. sometimes i guess the reason why is "cause i was trying to quit smoking" or "My girlfriend/i was on her/my period and couldn't have sex" or other various reasons that could be conisdered perverted, disgusting or for reasons unexplained, "complicated"

so here it is. Why i got into doing what i do.

When i was younger, my dad would often sit me down and read comic books. the first comic he read to me was the secret origin of Nightwing. i remember that when Batman Returns came out, the "Batman The Animated Series" came out around the same time. dad and i practically made it a tradition to go see every Batman Movie there was (and yes, i kinda didn't like clooney as Batman.). when i was a little older, dad banned me from reading his comics. or if i did, i had to wash my hands if i were to read them. however, i remember sitting down one day and just (poorly) drawing my own cover of a "Superman/batman" comic. i would later on start designing a "Batboy" character. as i grew older, Batboy would later on get more and more complicated. i had given him a complicated costume, simular background, Mustache (even though the character was Ten-years old). i even based him off me. the plan was to have an intrest in comics and only do the character when i was bored off my ass and focus on a possible Cop/Football career. when i moved to ARIZONA, I was initially an outcast (then again i was around a majority of Mexicans) and i was initially the new kid and often picked on cause i didn't speak spanish.

i got really into it, when the last memory i had of my old school in california was a pencil. some punk kid stole said pencil and everyone in the classroom took his side. i got around to drawing a variation of various Batman characters. this continued after Elementry and onto Middle school. where i was still picked on. considered an outcast still. even when i went to church. i found after year 3 of living in Arizona that my Escape from reality was through Comic books, doing character designs. people would say that the thought was dumb and church would say "give unto god" but when i wanted an escape the characters were there.

when high school rolled around, i had a list of different characters, yet still seen as an idiot. all comics did was give me more and more of an escape. all high school did was let me escape. while people in high school were going into sports i was at borders reading the return of Hal Jordan. while people were talking about "hittin' it" with there girlfriend i was hitting the comics catching up on what i missed. when people were getting "wasted" over the weekend i was at borders all afternoon. i had a way of escape. if it werent for comics i wouldn't have a life. hell, yeah i appreciate the friends i had in school(s) and i know they appreciate that i put them in my works. all the morals, life lessons i have, i learned from comics. while some comic fans dress up and get desensitized into believing they are the characters they love, i'm constantly pretending due to not desensitization but using my imagination to put in my writing/character designs. while most or saying they're "Superman" or "Batman" i'm doing character designs. instead of jumping off a roof and a window trying to fly, i'm trying to write/draw panels.

it's a means of escape for me. it's a better way to deal with loss, emotional heartbreak, or get things into perspective. i don't claim to be some celeb who gets fans and demands praise rather than realism. but i do give realism rather than praise. i respect good art/photos rather than see it as "fapping material." yes i've fallen for some deviants on here on dA, but when i see or hear that they're happy in relationships i move on and go about my day and go about on here waiting for their next peices of work. i try not to act like a D-bag when it comes down to anything.

Comics, Anime, Designs can all be used as a means of escape. a theraputic way of helping someone or yourself. i'm not saying this world is horrible and people are bastard/bitch-coated-bastards/bitches-with-Bastard/bitch-coated filling, but they could use the fantasy realm media to escape rather than Condone it.


United States

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